#Job: Native English digital #communications #entrepreneur with a green heart.

#Job: Native English digital #communications #entrepreneur with a green heart.

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KRUKX specialises in strategic communications projects within the agricultural domain. Our customers are inspiring organisations with an ideological basis to their business models. As they garner success, these organisations help to make lives better; enable nature to prosper and facilitate successful entrepreneurship within the agricultural domain. It is this success that drives, inspires and motivates us.

Does the thought of working with high-impact, inspirational organisations make your communications heart beat that bit faster too? And do you see yourself in the profile below? Then please get in contact; we can't wait to meet you.

We are looking for a (near-)Native English speaker with a degree in communications and at least 3 years experience. Ideally, this person is similar to us and can think strategically; has a love for agriculture, vegetables, food and entrepreneurship, and can use this to be passionate in helping our customers to implement their plans and ambitions.

We seek someone who:

  • Is very articulate and can show their passion through digital media and events 
  • Understands that photos and video are a language in themselves 
  • Has the organisational skills to implement projects from beginning to end
  • Is ambitious and a ‘go-getter’ 
  • Is an entrepreneur and wants to keep his/her independence while also working for us on a regular basis

The work includes projects such as:

  • Events: Seminars, conferences and launching events for our customers
  • Writing press releases (English) 
  • Formulating and implementing a Social Media strategy
  • Writing articles for websites and social media
  • Developing new websites & content for customers
  • Writing / developing nomination files for (international) awards
  • Writing and implementing strategic communications and PR plans

We are writers and thinkers who bring people together. We are entrepreneurs; we use our media and communications experience in an industry that is evolving rapidly and needs to channel its information and ideas. Our customers are complementary to each other and to us. As are the people working with us.

If you are looking for work that is of value and want to get into the business of agri-communications, then we look forward to meeting you. Why? Because the agricultural domain needs to develop, and to become more efficient, healthy, sustainable and inspirational. Inspiring communications are vital to realise that goal.

N.B.: We are not looking to hire someone. We are looking for collaboration partners. Entrepreneurship is part of the deal. You will remain independent, however you can benefit from our experience in setting up our business and avail of our network and existing organisation. KRUKX is based in Leiden, Netherlands. It is our goal to work together face-to-face in Leiden at least one day per week.

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