Dreamjob: East-West Seed zoekt Social Media Stagiair voor stage in Bangkok [Engelstalig]

Dreamjob: East-West Seed zoekt Social Media Stagiair voor stage in Bangkok [Engelstalig]

Geschreven door Lianne op 19-11-2015

East-West Seed
East-West Seed helps to improve the income and lives of farmers in tropical areas. We help farmers to increase their production and the quality of their crops with high-quality seeds and services and up-to-date cultivation knowledge.     

Our Communications Department
East-West Seed is strengthening its communications team to continuously improve its strategic corporate communications, brand building, stakeholder relations, media relations, and employer branding. Communications are run from Thailand, with an international team in the Netherlands.

The company has been active for more than 30 years in improving the lives of tropical farmers through better seeds and better knowledge. Our digital media strategy supports us in fulfilling our mission.  

The assignment
The Intern Digital Media will work in Bangkok, Thailand, to enhance East-West Seed’s digital and social media presence. The starting date will be in January 2016 and the internship will run for 6 months.
You will report to the corporate communications manager and collaborate with the Dutch team through Skype and Email. You will manage and write for our digital media on a day-to-day basis and support communication objectives set by the group. Present digital assets include our corporate website, social media presence and the intranet. We intend to develop an email newsletter and blogs with your help.  

Your Profile
We are looking for an intern with fluent English language proficiency, demonstrated interest in social media - both execution and reporting and great writing and communications skills.
We hope to find a European student who can contribute to bring Asian practice and European strategic communications together. As we are a company that focuses on farmers, it would be of added value if you have an interest in or experience with agriculture.  

Your activities & responsibilities
You will contribute to successful execution of digital and social media development activities for East-West Seed on a corporate level. The ideal candidate will have a demonstrated interest in social media - both execution and reporting - along with great writing and communications skills and fluent English language proficiency.    

  • Help develop and implement digital and social media strategies to improve the company’s profile and brand among target audiences 
  • Make an inventory of digital and social media initiatives across the East-West Seed organization and create an effective structure for achieving communication goals 
  • Publish and edit online content, ensuring that messages support the company’s communication objectives 
  • Assist in redeveloping and maintaining the corporate website’s design and content 
  • Plan and deliver editorial content for the corporate website and social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube, using creative and exciting ways of communicating stories and engaging with an online community 
  • Publish content in the company Intranet page to foster better organizational communication 
  • Track progress and impact with useful metrics and reports
Send your written motivation and resume to lianne@krukx.nl before 1 december

Looking forward to hearing from you! 

East- West Seed was established in the Philippines in 1982 by Simon Groot, a Dutch agriculturist who saw the need for seeds that were adapted to local conditions in Asia. At the time, the vegetable seed industry in Southeast Asia was little more than a seed trading system. No one was doing vegetable plant breeding, which involves years of trials, selection, crossing and investment.

Simon Groot saw the opportunity for locally-developed hybrid seeds, and all the remarkable characteristics they were known for, like higher yields, better disease tolerance, better shelf life and extended growing seasons. Together with Glenn Goldsmith from California and tropical agronomist Gerard Grubben from the Netherlands, he founded East West Seed companies in the Philippines and Thailand, and later on, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Today, East West Seed Co. distributes seeds in 53 countries worldwide. From Africa to Asia, Australia to America, East West Seed Co. continues to bring farmers better seeds for better yields.

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